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Airport Transfer

We transport corporate staff and individual members to and from the airport. On this basis, the company charges variable transport charge at the fixed price rate.

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Basotho Car Rental launched a new service. This service caters for those clients who want to see the beauty of our mountain kingdom. We take our clients to any place of interest in Lesotho. Call us and find out more!

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Chauffeur Drive Service

A team of dedicated, friendly, experienced and impeccably presented drivers, both male and female are always at your service. All are fully trained to our unique Professional Etiquette Standards, and checked by the Criminal Records Bureau .

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Point-to-point travel

The major travel points within towns include: Offices, Hotels, Resorts, Camping spots, Out-door vocational spots, Visits to heritage places and Hiking in the open skates & mountain climbing.

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Car Rental

Rent and use a car of your choice from our fleet.
Service features on Rental: Daily car rental: 1-4 days, Weekly car rental: 5-7 Days & Monthly car rental: 30-31 days.

Passionate About Travel

We take travelling seriously and strive to give you an experience that's unforgettable. Create fun-filled memories for yourself or family- enjoy the wonderful sights, adventures as well as those little moments that you'll treasure. With our experience in the industry, coupled with expert advice through long service, we take pleasure in enriching and making your experience pleasurable.

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