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Basotho car rental is a car-hire company designed to meet client travel needs. The object is to help ease the way clients reach different destinations of their preference, using reliable private cars available from our parking-lot.

Offered are a range of travel suits (kinds of services a client wants) that can be customized according to the way the client chooses. It host a fleet of vehicles that offer safety, comfort, better fuel economy as well as luxury to help our clients get the best travel or tour experiences the company can offer .

Passionate About Travel

We take travelling seriously and strive to give you an experience that's unforgettable. Create fun-filled memories for yourself or family- enjoy the wonderful sights, adventures as well as those little moments that you'll treasure. With our experience in the industry, coupled with expert advice through long service, we take pleasure in enriching and making your experience pleasurable.

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Our Mission

To be the number one choice in all transportation services locally and internationally, promoting a friendly, secure and safe transportation services for clients while building trust and confidence to attain excellence of service

Our Vision

In response to the high unemployment rate which leads to high poverty rate in our country; we sub-rent vehicles from individuals and hire drivers more often in order to eradicate poverty. 

Our values

We believe in ethical standards towards our clients and staff, we are committed to being open, honest, reliable and respectful in our dealings with our people and stakeholders as  well as focusing on our client’s safety, comfort and satisfaction.

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